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If Fox thinks that a Muslim can’t write a book about Christianity

would they agree that men can’t write legislation about women?



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"Learn to be quiet just as you learn to talk, because if talking guides you, being quiet protects you. By being quiet, you attain two characteristics: you are able to take knowledge from those more knowledgeable than you and you are able to repel the ignorance of those more ignorant than you."

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"For most Black people, the definition of progress is college educated Blacks being drafted by the White social order to be used as a bourgeois buffer zone against the masses of Black people."

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I don’t think Black America was ready to hear that Brother Umar….

DAMN… I wasn’t ready.

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"This is the kind of tired that sleep can’t fix."

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"The word “art” is something the West has never understood. Art is supposed to be a part of a community. Like, scholars are supposed to be a part of a community… Art is to decorate people’s houses, their skin, their clothes, to make them expand their minds, and it’s supposed to be right in the community, where they can have it when they want it… It’s supposed to be as essential as a grocery store… that’s the only way art can function naturally."

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A Handy Guide to What Is and Isn't Cultural Appropriation


What isn’t cultural appropration:

• Trying/eating/making a culture’s food
• Listening to that culture’s music
• Watching that culture’s movies
• Reading that culture’s books
• Appreciating that culture’s art
• Wearing that culture’s clothing IF in a setting…

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every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags

I thought black people only did that 😂😂

the original post said black family but you know white people tradition is to just change things to include them.


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